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    Cloud Native Technical Services

The cloud and Cloud Native technologies are transforming the paradigm of application development and operational environments. These technologies once exclusive to major IT corporations or tech startups are now spreading across the industry. The government also plans to transition 70% of public sector systems to Cloud Native by 2030.

Switch to Cloud Native for enhanced development and operational productivity, and stay competitive in a changing environment.

Acornsoft is here to assist your Cloud Native transition. We offer our extensive practical experience in Cloud Native technologies, accumulated from early adoption.

    Clarifying Cloud Native Transition, Providing Definite Direction

  • Technical, operational, and financial viability assessment
    Risk assessment for security, regulations, etc.
    Cost analysis for transition and continuous operation

  • Portability of applications based on containers
    Small, lightweight, and easy deployment environment with CI/CD
    Elastic and selective scalability using MSA

  • On-demand self-service, universal network access, multi-tenancy, IT resource pool management, metering

  • Cloud Native foundational technologies - containers, Kubernetes
    Building a Cloud Native based DevOps environment
    Evolution of monolithic applications, MSA

    Providing Practical-Level Guidance for Direct Execution

  • Service environment
    Development environment

  • Establishment of a CI/CD system
    Branch strategy
    Deployment strategy

  • Containerization
    Transition to MSA

  • If the provided guides are insufficient or unexpected problems arise, our expert engineers are here to assist.

    If direct execution is challenging, Acornsoft's expert engineers and developers will directly participate and build for you.

  • Building the optimal environment tailored to the client's IT environment
    Rapid deployment using Cocktail Cloud

  • Container packaging of applications
    Automation of container build, storage, and deployment

  • Considering the nature of the application, current service status, and goals
    Reasonable level of transition to MSA
    Providing a gradual transition guide for continuous MSA deployment

  • Developing new applications or certain functionalities
    Cloud Native development from scratch

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