Do Not Sell My Personal Information

Do Not Sell My Personal Information
This website's email addresses are protected by law. They can't be collected without permission, except in certain legal situations outlined in the Personal Information Protection Act, Article 15.

Article 15 (Collection and Use of Personal Information)
① A personal information controller may collect personal information in any of the following cases, and may use it within the scope of the purpose of collection.
Where the consent of the data subject is obtained
Where there are special provisions in the statute or inevitable to comply with statutory obligations
Where it is inevitable for a public institution to perform the duties prescribed by Acts and subordinate statutes, etc.
Where it is inevitably necessary for the conclusion and execution of a contract with the data subject
Where the data subject or his/her legal representative is in a state where he/she is unable to express his/her intention or cannot obtain prior consent due to unknown address, etc., and is clearly deemed necessary for the urgent benefit of the life, body, or property of the data subject or a third party
Where it is necessary to achieve the legitimate interests of the personal information processor and clearly takes precedence over the rights of the information subject. In this case, it is limited to cases where it is significantly related to the legitimate interests of the personal information processor and does not exceed a reasonable scope.
② When receiving consent pursuant to paragraph 1, subparagraph 1, the personal information processor must inform the information subject of the following matters. Where any of the following matters is changed, it shall be notified and consent shall be obtained.
Purpose of collection and use of personal information
Items of personal information that you want to collect
Period of possession and use of personal information
The fact that there is a right to refuse consent, and where there is a disadvantage due to refusal of consent, the details of such disadvantage

※ If you are a victim of unauthorized email address collection using the above technical measures, please report it through the Illegal Spam Response Center website ( or the KISA Hacking/Spam Personal Information Infringement Report Line (dial 118 without an area code).
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