Introducing Cocktail Cloud.


Introduction of Cloud Native Computing

  • Evolves into Integrated Management Platform
  • Cluster Native Computing  Evolves into Integrated Management Platform
    Increase of multi cluster environment

    Supporting multi cluster environment connecting on-premise environment with many public clouds for high availability of enterprise.

    Establishing multi tenancy environment for teams

    Providing separated cloud computing environment in accordance with the structure of project and groups of enterprise. Managers can manage member’s role and responsibility on a single window.

    Applying security policy for enterprise

    Security, in cloud native, has to be considered in 4C level (Cloud, Cluster, Container, Code). We provide certified depth defensive computing environment by applying this security model.

    Expand monitoring range

    Visuality is the most important key in system operation.
    We provide useful monitoring and user’s analyzing tool for securing visuality.

What is Cocktail Cloud?

It is Enterprise Cloud Native Platform.
Enterprise Cloud Native Platform
Shortening introducing period
  • All In One Package
  • Automation of installing/composing
  • Using online service
Required function of enterprise
  • Multi Cluster
  • Multi Tenancy
  • Security
  • Integrated Management
High visibility
  • GUI Based UX
  • Application composition
  • Integrated Monitoring
Professional Workspace
  • DevOps
  • Microservice
  • AI
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