Cocktail Online
    Cocktail Cloud Online is an online service that enhances the usability of public cloud services, building on the foundation of the installed version of Cocktail Cloud.
    It's meticulously prepared in alignment with the government's policy for a public cloud Native transition.

Enjoy Cocktail Cloud in a lighter, online subscription type

  • Same features as the installed product
    All-in-one Cloud Native PaaS
    Operation without worry at a reasonable price

Experience GKE, AKS, EKS, NKS more conveniently

  • Easier cluster creation and node scaling
    Retaining Cocktail’s integrated management features
    Multi-cloud and application cloud mobility

Make Cloud Native transition safer for Government and enterprise

  • Secure transition to public cloud zone infrastructure
    No security worries with government-approved CSAP certification
    No concerns about domestic PaaS compatibility with K-PaaS suitability certification
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