About Acornsoft

Cloud and Platform’s Leading Company. Acornsoft.

About Acornsoft
Acornsoft was established in 2016, and software company, which provides solutions and service needed for cloud computing environment.
Acornsoft developed “Cocktail Cloud”, which is container-based cloud platform, in 2017. It sold “Cocktail Cloud” to large sized enterprises, public organizations, and financial institutions.

Cocktail Cloud, which is container-based cloud platform, is recognized its technological ability in Korea, Japan, United States.

It has advantages in level of completion, price, customizing, OS independency, experience in cloud industry (for more than 10 years), over Redhat’s Openshift, Pivotal’s Cloud Foundry, etc.

The company provides consultation for cloud conversion, Kubernetes education, cocktail cloud online service for users to take full advantage of using cloud on their own. Also, it discovers business opportunity for sharing innovative value with customers.
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