Introducing the key features of Cocktail Cloud.


Multi Cluster Integrated Management

  • Multi Cluster Integrated Management
  • Single Control Section integratedly manages cluster, which is devided into region, network, and job
    Saving master node resources

    We maximize efficiency of master node’s resource with Cocktail Cloud’s special master pool managing function.

    Auto provisioning / expansion of node

    We can easily add new cluster resource by using node’s expandability function and auto provisioning function, while using public cloud’s cluster service.

    High availability architecture

    We provide safe cluster environment even when the worker node suddenly increases.

    Compose multi / hybrid cluster

    Cocktail Cloud supports every public cloud services, including famous ones. Also, it fits with multi/hybrid cluster environment, since it can connect with an on-premise cluster.

    Integrated monitoring of cluster status

    We provide visualized tool, based on big data, to monitor the status and resource in the unit of cluster. Dashboard, alert/event messaging functions support DevOps.

Multi Tenancy Management

  • Multi Tenancy Management
  • Distribution of infra resource and Centrally managed By Application, Teams/Groups
    Providing independent workspace to team/groups

    We provide Cocktail Cloud operating environment by affiliates, branches. Operating environment can be separately managed & operated.

    Assign/control resource requested by applications

    We collect resources after being used and control resources, requested by application, in accordance with management policy.

    Divide roles between DevOps and Infra Management

    We establish enterprise’s service operation process in accordance with workspace member’s role. Also we strictly follow security policy.

    Monitoring resource usage and expanding actions

    Resource usage is being provided in dashboard function, and we provide data (per account) for resource usage by metering function.

Integrated Monitoring

  • Integrated Monitoring
  • Integrated monitoring of applications and infrastructure, by gathering, status, resources, event, and log information
    Supporting various status and resource metric

    We provide integrated monitoring (status, resource, log, event, service mash) view of multi cluster and operated applications.

    Analyzing system and application log

    We provide quantity data for analyzing expanded log and collecting progress of log, through Big Data based monitoring tool.

    Realtime event and failure alert

    You can receive event and failure alert, through alert setting, email, and messenger.

    Providing integrated control dashboard

    We provide cluster view, ingress view, ETCD view, node view, namespace view, alert and event view optimized for supporting duty of DevOps team’s integrated infrastructure monitoring.

Integrated Control Dashboard

  • TOP View TOP View
  • Cluster View Cluster View
  • Ingress View Ingress View
  • ETCD View ETCD View
  • Node View Node View
  • Namespace View Namespace View
  • Event/alert view Event/alert view

Add On

  • Add On
  • Providing Add On Package, Automatic installation, update, integrated certification for expanding cluster functions
    Verified Add On Package

    We consistently provide package update in accordance with customer’s request for monitoring, microservice, AI, serverless, etc.

    Integrated certification, controlling access

    Only users, with accessibility given by Cocktail Cloud’s certification manager, can access installed add-on in Cocktail Cloud.

    Composing professional workspace

    You can use solutions, such as microservice, AI, serverless, add-on, separately. Also, you can compose customized workspace.

    Monitoring Add On Status and resource

    We provide users eidetic interface by monitoring resource usage and status of add-on. You can choose to use add-on, in accordance with enterprise’s service environment. We provide version management function to solve the issue of dependence of add-on.


  • Security
  • Integrated management of user account of cluster resource, and container security policy
    Managing Role-based access control for allocated resource

    You can decide who can have access to resource and information in accordance with one’s role in the group. Account manager can give roles to user (or system) and can create various roles that are fit for group’s culture.

    Issuing/collecting account, managing lifecycle

    We manage expiration period of password and user’s account status for administrate account’s life cycle. Moreover, we can easily manage account’s life cycle connected to group’s account management system.

    Centrally managing container security policy

    Cocktail Cloud supports Pod Security Policy (PSP)’s configuration, to define container and Pod’s security policy, and Security Context’s definition, to define Pod’s security function.

    Checking vulnerability of image security

    We regularly check vulnerability of Docker image, which is created. We also send out report of images, which their base image is old, to users and managers.

CI/CD Pipeline

  • CI/CD Pipeline
  • Automation of pipeline for application build/deployment
    Secure release continuity

    We automatize every steps from coding to deploying container. You can always roll-back with just one click and automatically deploying created build through Rolling Update function.

    Customization of pipeline work

    You can set release policy in accordance with the culture of DevOps Team, which support enterprise’s service strategy.

    Providing image registry for teams/groups

    Cocktail Cloud provides flexibility of image registry inside of group.

    Lightweight, fast start

    Cocktail Cloud’s CI/CD pipeline runs very quickly, since it is installed internal of Cocktail Cloud product. It is suitable for large scale concurrent build, through controlling the number of concurrent build.

Service Map

  • Service Map
  • Visibility of management/development of application
    GUI Based Application Management
    Visualization of service composition, communication structure
    Monitoring of application
    Deployment/management of App Catalog Package

App Catalog

  • App Catalog
  • Providing software package catalog for application composition
    Searching Opensource Package
    Easy to deploy and set-up package
    Managing private package catalog for Enterprise
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