About Cocktail's Advantages

  • Easy to Manage
    You can deploy and manage applications without studying difficult concept and operating technology of Kubernetes.

    You can manage applications only with UI environment without any YAML code, since user interface is composed intuitive.

    Kubernetes, powerful container orchestration engine, safely manages container.

    Cocktail Cloud helps you to easily deploy and operate applications, which are created on top of Kubernetes.

  • Simple Deployment

    Just prepare the source code. Cocktail Cloud will handle everything, from source build to building, saving, and managing container image.

    You can upgrade applications without stopping, through pipeline, even if the source code has been changed.

    You can manage applications in the form of package, composed of microservice, and deploy them to different clusters in the unit of package.

  • Visualized Monitoring

    Users, who are not familiar with infrastructure being abstract, may get embarrassed in Cloud Native Computing. Therefore, operation might be unstable.

    Cocktail Cloud shows every information about managing applications, such as information about the node that applications are being deployed, information about resources that are being used on the cluster and status information about applications.

  • In depth information

    Users do not need to know fully about Kubernetes when using Cocktail Cloud. However, if you are a professional Kubernetes operator then you may want to get detailed managing information.

    You can search Kubernetes managing information, such as cluster, node, label, resource status, event, information about deployment by just a few click. Moreover, you can look closely inside of each individual container by connecting through web terminal.

  • Integrated Management

    We have stored into one solution for deploying and managing containerized applications. We provide integrated environment from creating cluster to managing application.

    Cocktail Cloud makes possible to center concentrated integrate information of multi cluster. Cocktail Cloud would be more valuable if managing many different clusters on multi/hybrid cloud infrastructures, which many enterprises prefer.

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