Cocktail Online
  • Cocktail Cloud Online is based on the installed version of Cocktail Cloud.
    Here, we highlight its standout features.
    New functionalities will first be available on the online service, followed by integration into the installed solutions.

  • Multi-Cloud x Multi-Cluster Integration and Management
    As the use of Kubernetes grows, so does the number of clusters you manage. Managing clusters becomes more complex, especially when using different public cloud services.
    Cocktail Cloud Online allows you to operate multiple clusters scattered across various public cloud services from a single web console.
  • Public Cloud Kubernetes Cluster Management
    You can integrate and manage Kubernetes services provided by public cloud providers (such as EKS, GKE, AKS, and NKS).
    We support not just global cloud services but also domestic ones.
    Integrate and manage your public cloud Kubernetes services conveniently using Cocktail Cloud.
  • Backup and Replication of Cloud Native Applications
    There may be a need to replicate or move your current applications to a different cluster as required.
    Our service ensures complete backup and replication not just of the cluster configuration, but also the application and its data.
    Move freely without being tied to a specific cloud service.
  • Support for External Container Registries
    Container registries store and manage the containers needed for your service.
    Cocktail Cloud Online supports a variety of external container registries, in addition to its own provided registry.
    You can continue to use your current container registry seamlessly.
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