Kubernetes Administrator Training Course

A company that specializes in developing Kubernets-related products will give a hands-on lecture!

Course Introduction

This course covers the essential knowledge to configure and operate Kubernetes, an open source container orchestration platform. In addition, you can prepare for the CNCF Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) exam by taking this course.

Educational Objectives

Learn how to install, configure and manage Kubernetes in an operating environment

Trainee Target

Operators and developers who want to learn Kubernetes basic concepts and Kubernetes cluster configuration and management skills

Pre-requisite Knowledge

Understanding Linux OS / environment, basic commands and text editor

Educational Environment

- Providing a cloud environment for hands-on training - Trainee needs to prepare personal notebook

Training Materials

Linux Foundation certified materials

Training Time

09:30~17:30 (4 days/28 hours)

Training Schedule

Day Topics
Day1 Moring Introduction, Basics of Kubernetes
Afternoon Installation and Configuration
Day2 Moring Kubernetes Architecture, APIs and Access
Afternoon API Objects, Managing State With Deployments
Day3 Moring Services, Volumes and data
Afternoon Ingress, Scheduling
Day4 Moring Scheduling, Logging and Troubleshooting,
Afternoon Custom Resource Definition, Helm, Security

Provides a field-oriented,
hands-on training environment

Get away from the limited learning environment of your local PC and use the Public Cloud Platform to configure and operate your own Kubernetes cluster.

Individual cloud instances are provided during the training period to give trainees the freedom to use them in the same environment as in practice.

Trainers with over 17 years
of IT practice experience and CKA qualification

As CNCF Kubernetes Certified Service Provider (KCSP), Acornsoft specializes in training, technical support, and collaboration capabilities for Kubernetes.

By launching and operating the Cocktail Cloud Platform, we have deep understanding and operational know-how about Cloud Native Computing. Professional instructors who participated in product development and acquired CKA teach directly.

17 years of IT career

Professional Engineer Information Management


20 years of IT career

Master of Computer Science


20 years of IT career

Full Stack Developer


Cloud Native Computing Specialist

Certified technical staffs will teach you directly.

Educational Inquiry

Anytime, please feel free to contact us. Within 24 hours after inquiry receipt (based on business hours), we will contact you.

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