Applying for using Cocktail Cloud

Build your own special cloud for yourself!

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Applying for using Cocktail Cloud

Application Guidance

Experience Cocktail Cloud for 15 days (free trial account)
Then decide whether you want to use it or not!
It is not late for you to decide to use the cloud service after 15 days of trial period!
We support everything systematically from free trial account to selection of service and installation.
Use Cocktail Cloud in various environment, like DevOps, Microservice, ML/AI Infra Platform, Multi-Cloud Management!
  • Applying for free

  • Issuance of free trial

  • Consultancy according to your need Environment composition

    according to the guidance

  • Decision to buy after using trial account

    Consultancy based on the data you’ve stored During your trial period.

Do not require membership and resident registration number.
If you dissatisfied after your trial period, we would provide extra consultancy.
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